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Welcome, and please be sure that we will do our utmost to make your stay as pleasant and hassle free as possible.


Non-emergency cases are encouraged to contact our receptionist as soon as your Doctor informs you that you need to be admitted to hospital, as completing the necessary admission forms before your actual date of admission will save you time and hassle on the day.

If your treatment is going to be paid by medical aid, please ensure that the necessary steps have been made to authorize your stay and that a pre-authorization reference number has been issued to that effect. Please note that Individual rooms are available at an affordable rate, if requested.

Please bring with you...

ID & Medical Aid. Any relevant documents to present at reception on admission, such as ID and medical aid cards, letters of guarantee. Please also bring means of payment if you are a private patient.

Medical History. Any useful medical information such as previous x-rays or medical reports

Personal Medication & Toiletries. Any prescribed medication you are currently taking. Night clothes and personal toiletries. Other items to make your stay more comfortable include dressing gowns and slippers, shaving kit, spectacles, reading material, toys and games if the patient is a child.

Maternity. Baby disposable nappies & Disposable sanitary pads. For Magical Maternity information click here.


Time of Admission. Your doctor will inform you of your time of admission. If you are undergoing surgery, you will be required to arrive at The Clinic no later than 6am if your operation is scheduled for the morning, and no later than 12pm if your operation is scheduled for the afternoon.

Eating & Drinking. Ensure that your doctor has advised you about what you are allowed to eat or drink (if anything) for 8 hours before admission. If you are going to have an operation, it is most likely that you will be told not to eat or drink anything.

Hygiene. If having surgery, please remove your nail polish from fingers and toes, and take a shower/bath with an antiseptic soap prior to admission.

Personal Belongings. We strongly suggest that you DO NOT bring jewellery and valuables to the hospital as The Clinic Group will not be held responsible for any loss or damage of your belongings.

Medical Aid Patients

Contact our reception in advance to know whether your medical aid is accepted. If your medical aid is not among those that we accept, you will have to pay a deposit and follow the procedures in place for private patients. On discharge, we will give you all necessary invoices and receipts that will allow you to claim a reimbursement from your medical aid.

Your medical aid will be contacted before, or on admission (emergencies) to confirm your membership, availability of funds and obtain an admission pre-authorization reference. If confirmation is not given, you will have to pay a deposit and follow procedures for private patients. Shortly after your discharge The Clinic will submit the account to the medical aid with all the necessary information. Please note that until the account is paid in full, you remain liable for the account.

Private Patients

For medical and surgical cases, the required deposit will be assessed according to the type of procedure. Please note that this payment is only a deposit based on an estimation of the final account, and that you might be required to pay an extra amount on discharge when the final account is available.

Should the deposit be greater than the final account The Clinic will reimburse the difference within 30 days after discharge.

We accept cash and credit cards. Personal cheques are not accepted unless prior arrangement is made with management.


Patients are allowed to leave The Clinic once permission has been given by the doctor. Discharged patients are expected to leave before 10am. Please make arrangements for someone to take you home. Ensure that you take all your belongings with you, including your prescribed medications.


T: +268 2404 2423/4/5
C: +268 7826 8016 (whatsapp only)
F: +268 2404 5895
Mkhonubovu Street,Checkers Area, Mbabane
PO Box 3, Mbabane, Swaziland
Hospital Manager: Welcome Motsa

GPS coordinates: 23 19 40.51 S 31 8 3.56 E

Operating Times

24 hours 7 days a week

Visitor Hours

1pm - 3.30pm and 5pm - 8pm
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