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Occupational Health Services

What is Occupational Health

Occupational Health and Safety is the relationship between work and the worker’s. Occupational Health deals with all aspects of health and safety of the worker in the workplace and has a strong emphasis on primary prevention of hazards.

"A healthy worker will serve their workplace effectively and efficiently ensuring the best result for their health and career – proving to be the best outcome for both the worker and the organization."

This service is to help identify potential hazards and their risk levels at the workplace. Once these are identified, prevention and safety measures can be put into practice to reduce their occurrence and health impact.

Why use occupational Health Services?

Some of the medical examinations are required by regulations:

  • Pre-employment medical – prior to assumption of duties
  • Periodic medical – done annually for serial health evaluation
  • Exit medical – done at the termination of employment
"Every workplace has potential hazards. Identifying these hazards and putting into practice safety measures to control is the responsibility of the employer and the worker."

How you can use occupational health services in your workplace?

These are some specialized tests and examinations that Occupational Health Services offers to workers and employees to maintain a healthy and productive work environment:
  1. Physical Examinations. A general full body examination to determine the workers suitability and fitness for employment.
  2. Audiology. Any employee that works in an environment that has a high noise hazard can have an audiology test which can detect potential noise-induced hearing loss.
  3. Spirometry. Measures the functions of the lung, to enable the detection of lung disorders.
  4. Vision Screening. Determine if the workers’ current job is affecting their eye sight that could be due to an occupational hazard or if the current state of a worker’s eye sight could compromise his job or predispose him to accidents
  5. Serological Examinations. Viral hepatitis can be an occupational disease caused by biological agents.
  6. X–Ray Test. Identifying a large number of physical hazards. For example: vibrations can cause bone changes within the body, x-ray tests are able to detect these occurrences.
  7. ECG. Records the activity of the heart and determine fitness to certain physical tasks.


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