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Magical Maternity

Welcome to your Magical Maternity Experience!

We know that having a new addition to your family is a very special time, and we are focused on making this experience as pleasant as possible. It is our goal to provide you with quality Maternal and Child Health Care at all of our facilities.

The First Steps in your Journey

Plan where to have your baby, Mbabane Clinic or Manzini Clinic?

Join our open days by sending us a message on the contact form below and we will send you the date of the next open day, or just come and visit our hospitals to decide where you’d prefer to have your baby. We will introduce you to our friendly and professional personnel and give you a detailed tour of our maternity ward.

The next stage is to complete the registration form (received at the hospital of your choice) If you are a medical aid patient apply for an authorization number, then book your bed. We also offer non-medical aided patients an antenatal and delivery package that includes your doctor’s visits and delivery.

ANTENATAL CLASSES help you prepare for your baby’s birth and learn how to look after and feed your baby. They can help you stay healthy during pregnancy, and give you more confidence and information. 

We offer 5 classes, each 2 hours long, for only E250. 

Module 1: Introductory class, discussing body changes and challenges in pregnancy. Healthy living during pregnancy and exercise.

Module 2: Discuss antenatal visits to your doctor, including laboratory and ultrasounds.

Module 3: Review labour and delivery, pain relief and birthing plans.

Module 4: Review post natal care of mother and baby.

Module 5: Teaches you about infant safety and how to perform life-saving infant CPR.

You have to REGISTER for our antenatal classes by sending a message with your details in the form below.

Labour and Delivery: we offer natural birth or caesarean birth, both of which your doctor will discuss with you.

Preparing for hospital to pack for two MAGICAL MATERNITY recommendations:

Packing for BABY

Packing for YOU

Post-Natal Care Package

We provide post delivery services to the mother, including bathing and feeding assistance. In addition, the baby is seen on a daily basis by a physician to monitor the baby’s health. This includes monitoring weight, any signs of infection and jaundice.

Click here to see: Breastfeeding information

You will also receive:

Photos: of your new-born baby, should you be happy for our photographer to come and take photos, and the option to announce your baby's arrival on our website and Facebook page 

NOTE: Please remember to book your bed at your Magical Maternity hospital of your choice as soon as you receive your authorisation number from the medical aid. The program registration is not a substitute for this important action.


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