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What is Audiology?

It is the study of hearing, balance and related disorders. Audiology will determine whether someone can hear within the normal range, and if not, which portions of hearing (high, middle, or low frequencies) are affected and to what degree.

Types of Hearing Loss:

Conductive: Damage to the outer/and or middle ear

Sensori-Neural: Damage to the inner ear or the eighth cranial nerve that carries auditory signals to the brain.

Mixed Hearing Loss: Combination of conductive and sensorineural hearing loss

Who should have a Hearing Test?

Newborns To Elderly People should be tested

Procedure of the Hearing Test

This depends on the age of the person, but all procedures are completely pain free.

What should be done if you fail a Hearing Test?

Book an appointment with our Audiologist for a comprehensive diagnostic audiology evaluation of your hearing. The audiologist will conduct certain procedures to determine if you have any hearing loss and, if so, the type and degree of the loss.

Will Medical Aid Pay?

Confirm the audiological benefits with their medical aid. Cash payments are also possible.

How do you book a Test?

Contact Matsapha Healthcare to book an appointment at 2518 4110 or email 


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